vitamin D for depression how much?

 vitamin to cure depression.

Hi. We talk about depression. I can give you some good tips about what’s going on inside of our body and what deficiencies actually can lead to depression. So that you can work from inside on your depression. So, moving forward first what I have seen in my practice, especially in the winter season and I have noticed a lot while working in Europe in the winter season many people have a bad mind.

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Even when I live over there in the winter season I don’t feel so good. Why? Because there is no sun. And the sun plays a big role in uplifting our mood. If you are living in a sunny country but you don’t go outside a lot, you don’t have lots of sunlight, then also the person can go into depression.
Yes, it gives us vitamin D three. We get vitamin D three from the sun. And vitamin D three is very essential to uplift our minds. It works actually as in hormone. So vitamin D is very important and that is what we get from the sun. And the sun also helps us to make more serotonin.

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And serotonin will give us good sleep also and will help us in uplifting our moodles. The second reason is not good gut. Yes, ayurveda the holistic medical science also says that your sleep and your overall health are related to your gut means good digestion. So if you want to have a good mind, the first thing is you should have good digestion.
In the modern, they talk about probiotics that if you will have good gut bacteria and these will help you in making more l tryptophan and l tryptophan will make more serotonin. And serenity will be converted into melatonin which will give you a good sleep and will also help you in balancing your mood and giving your good mind.

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Third is yes, sleep. I have talked about sleep in my first point also. On the second point also. So sleep is very important. I haven’t seen a person who’s not having good sleep was like having bad sleep and the whole day he has energy and he feels awesome.
No, it doesn’t happen even though we also you right now if you will have not good sleep for three or four days you’ll feel drowsy, your mood will be irritated, and you will not feel good. So this is what sleep does to us. It works on the hormonal level. It recharges our bodies. So having good sleep is very important.

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I have explained to you about l tryptophan, serotonin, melatonin, and also the sun effect also. So all this contributes to having good sleep. And having good sleep is very important to come out of depression. The fourth reason is pregnancy.
Yes, I know lots of females who even get divorced after delivering a baby. It’s known as postpartum depression. It’s very common. And the couples, don’t understand. It’s not only male, but it’s also not only female, both of them. It’s just a lack of information.

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If we know that yes, this happens to a female, then males will understand that yes, the lady is going through this phase. So he understands the situation and will not react in this way. And female, if she also knows that this can happen so she’ll be also alert. And she knows why this reaction is happening, why she’s feeling so inside.
If any of your friends is a pregnant or known person is pregnant, just inform them. Just give this information. Spread this information about postpartum depression. You will save many relationships. So now we know this. But what we can do first thing is that this lady who has given birth to a baby postpartum should use iron.

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All the things that will elevate the iron level. Having a good level of iron is very important after pregnancy, after giving birth to a baby to have a good mood. Magnesium, zinc, and vitamin D, are three things that are very important in our Veda.
There is a whole procedure. You can search about this. You can talk to the elderly people in your house. They will tell you how in the old time there was a whole procedure. What a lady should eat after giving birth to delivery, how she should be treated, how she should work at home, and how much she should work.

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Not only at home but in general. And just follow that. Your life will be amazing and your uterus will be healthy. You will feel healthy and you will not have this depression. So follow Ayurveda, use these vitamins and minerals and you will feel awesome.
The last reason why a person goes into depression is yes, it’s stress. Work stress life stress, their relationship stress these things can cause depression. Plus if there is some accident, an unhappy incident that happened in your life, or a person has lost a loved one.

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Whatever I have told you, magnesium, vitamins, these things will help. But in this situation, what will help you most is fasting or eating on time. Do like this. Once or twice a week, fasting.

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