Role of vitamin and magnesium in cancer treatment.

So in general, it’s beneficial to think of a food-first approach to supplements. So looking and trying to get as many nutrients from food as possible and then seeing what else you might need,

whether that’s based on blood tests because of a deficiency or insufficiency that could be caused by having cancer by the treatment or other factors, somebody might need to take a supplement to replace a deficiency.


Role of vitamin and magnesium in cancer treatment.
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So, for example, certain kinds of cancer treatment would put a patient more at risk to have a lower level of magnesium.

And we need magnesium for nerve conduction, metabolism, brain health, and all sorts of many, many, many important reasons. And so a patient undergoing treatment with a low blood level of magnesium might need a supplement.

Their doctor, their dietician might suggest that in addition to eating foods like dark green leafy vegetables, even dark chocolate, and other nuts and seeds, however, in general, loading up on supplements may not be suggested during certain

Role of vitamin and magnesium in cancer treatment.
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types of cancer treatment. So you really want to talk to your doctor and to your dietician about dietary supplements that you are taking or interested in taking in relation specifically to any medication or treatment that you’re on, often perhaps taking a probiotic, a multivitamin, or vitamin D.

These are our vitamins that may be okay to take during treatment and may even be recommended. But again, it’s very individual and you really want to get everything cleared before you go ahead and do it

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