Pumpkin Seed Potion: 1 Cup to Help Shrink Your Prostate.What does hyperplasia mean?

Pumpkin Seed Potion: 1 Cup to Help Shrink Your Prostate.

What does hyperplasia mean?

It means enlargement. OK, so this BPH problem is basically an enlarged prostate. It affects your urination. The stream of your urine is a bit on the weak side. You might find that you dribble after you urinate, and you just might have the sensation that your bladder is not empty. So we’re going to talk about this, and there’s actually this one drink that you can consume every day.

To help you shrink the prostate, but more important than the remedy is to understand the mechanism and how you develop this problem in the 1st place. A lot of men, as they get older, develop this condition and some even develop prostate cancer. So this video is going to cover both topics. So basically, you have this prostate that is just underneath your urinary bladder and there’s a little tube that comes out of the urinary bladder, OK, That’s called the urethra and the prostate wraps around that.

And normally it should be small, but when it enlarges, it becomes bigger and it can constrict the little tube that allows urine to flow and even become so big it can push up into the the urinary bladder, decreasing the volume of your urinary bladder. So you really don’t have the full capacity to hold urine. All of the estrogen that women have and that men have actually originate from testosterone.Pumpkin Seed Potion: 1 Cup to Help Shrink Your Prostate.What does hyperplasia mean?

So estrogen is a byproduct of testosterone. And to convert testosterone to estrogen, you need this enzyme called aromatase. And aromatase is made by the testicle as well as your fat cells. So that’s number one of this foundation

#2. Excess estrogen increases the size of the prostate. That’s interesting because you probably thought that.

Your problem was too much testosterone. But if that’s true, then why does testosterone decrease with age? In men, Estrogen increases with age. And like I said before, estrogen is an anabolic hormone. It makes things get bigger. Here’s another little thing. Intraprostatic estrogen levels. That means the estrogen within the prostate is not dependent on the estrogen in the blood.

So you can’t really figure out how much estrogen you have in the prostate by measuring the levels in your blood. Estrogen also increases another hormone called prolactin that can also increase the size of the prostate. Phytoestrogens, certain phytochemicals and plants can mimic estrogen, but not very strongly in fact.Pumpkin Seed Potion: 1 Cup to Help Shrink Your Prostate.What does hyperplasia mean?

Very weakly. So if we look at human estrogen compared to plant estrogen, plant estrogen is basically about 10,000 to 140,000 times less strong. So This is why sometimes people are confused when they’re eating certain plants and herbs that might increase estrogen. It’s a very, very, very tiny amount. And so you’re never going to have to worry about becoming estrogen dominant if you consume any of these.

Plant based estrogen compounds and I’m really talking about the phyto estrogens in pumpkin seeds and Saul Palmetto and even certain types of soy. Of course if you’re going to do soy, you have to really make sure it’s always organic because most of the soy is GMO. But the remedy that I’m going to recommend for the prostate is not any one of those. What I’m going to recommend is we focus on inhibiting.

That enzyme that I mentioned, remember we talked about testosterone turning into estrogen, OK, with help of that enzyme called aromatase. What we want to do is we want to inhibit that enzyme naturally. If you can inhibit that enzyme, you’ll have less production of estrogen and hopefully you can shrink the prostate. Now the first thing to know is how does this enzyme increase, OK, because it does increase with age unfortunately and also it can increase with body fat.Pumpkin Seed Potion: 1 Cup to Help Shrink Your Prostate.What does hyperplasia mean?

This is why losing weight is an important thing. It could increase with insulin. I’ve talked a lot about that topic. In fact, if you’re on keto, you’re going to be a lot better off because you’re then going to decrease the enzyme directly by reducing insulin. This is why EAT diabetics or people that do high carb diets have a big problem with the prostate. Now, another thing that increases this enzyme, alcohol, I’m sorry, it does. Alcohol is definitely a factor. It can actually just.

Make more estrogen in your body. Another one is whole grains, so-called healthy foods that they say you should be consuming. And then you also have hormone replacement therapy or birth control pills which you just need to know that like estrogen can also increase that enzyme. What will decrease that enzyme? This is the most important thing you need to know from this whole video. Number one, regular consumption of cruciferous vegetables like kale, broccoli, cabbage.

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