Meditation for only 3 minutes in the morning.

Welcome to this three-minute morning meditation. Find a comfortable position or place and close your eyes and blink. Now take a deep breath in and let it go from side to side. and then. Deep breath in and out. one more time. Take a deep breath in.

Meditation for only 3 minutes in the morning.
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And as you exhale, release any tension, any worry, any confusing thoughts, with each exhalation to completely release any tension from your shoulders, and your forehead,

Diet Plan To Lose Weight Fast. What do I eat In A Day For Weight Loss? your eyes, and your jaw. Give. And now you bring your awareness to the point between your eyebrows. Feel the point between your eyebrows and see yourself going through your day with ease and confidence.

Everything you do and everything you touch is easy and joyful and fun. feel it Now is the time to completely get back in your body, feeling yourself full of joy and fun. Be ready for whatever lies ahead. Greetings.

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