Is tea consumption bad for you too?

stop drinking tea.

There are three important things you should know if you drink a lot of tea. Now, generally, when you think of tea, you think of something that is quite healthy. And I mean, it’s better than coffee, right?
And people drink a lot of tea. In fact, the vast majority of the planet drinks tea. But if you are addicted to tea then it is very important to know three things. Now, some teas have a higher tannin content. Now, especially if it’s black tea, like English breakfast tea.
Those teas are really high in tannins. Now, green tea is very low in tannins, but when you are exposed to tannins, a few things happen. Number one, tannins have a tendency to bind or chelate iron, zinc, and calcium.
So if you’re drinking too much black tea, you’re binding up your iron, your zinc, and your calcium, and then you can start to experience symptoms of those minerals. But at the same time, tannins block the absorption of thiamine B1. And B1, from my point of view, is one of the most important vitamins.
If you’re deficient in B’s, you’re going to have anxiety, and you’re going to have nervous tension. When you go to sleep at night, you may have more vivid dreams or nightmares, or restless leg syndrome. But B1 deficiency is related to a lot of problems with your nervous system.
And since we’re on the subject of B1, I think it’s really important to understand other things that can reduce B1 as well. Let’s go to the list. Caffeine, which, by the way, is in tea and coffee. Coffee also contains tannins.
Sugar, refined grains, sulfites, alcohol, and metformin can cause symptoms of lactic acidosis, which is quite dangerous. So if you’re on metformin, you’d better take a higher dose of B1 and B12, since those two vitamins are depleted.

Ok? Raw fish can deprive you of B1, as can sushi, antibiotics, antacids, diuretics, birth control pills, SSRIs, anti-anxiety or antidepressant medication, seizure medication, human papillomavirus vaccines, chlorine from tap water, and if you chew betel nut, it will kill Bee One too.
Ok? Number two, the other problem with tea, well, some teas are loaded with heavy metals, okay, like aluminum, lead, and arsenic. Now, I will say that the source of the tea will really tell you if these are heavy metals.
For example, if you source your tea from China, there has been an interesting study, which I’ll post below, that shows that not only do a lot of teas from China contain heavy metals, but they are full of pesticides. One study showed 29 different pesticides, and most of them were illegal.
So when you buy tea, you really need to know where you get the tea from. For example, Japan has high-quality tea. Additionally, a common toxin in tea is fluoride. Ok? So the soil that tea is grown on really reflects what is going to happen in that tea.
Tea has to be grown in acidic soil. So in that environment, a lot of things get absorbed into that plant that may not only be regular healthy minerals that you need, but actually toxic metals. So the source of the tea matters.
Don’t go for the cheapest tea. Find something that comes from a source that is very healthy. Now, number three, the tea bag itself. Some of these tea bags are bleached with a chlorine compound called epic chlorohydrin. Ok? And this chemical is actually a carcinogen.
That’s why don’t stop drinking tea at all. Must know the meaning of four things with tea. Make sure your tea is organic. Make sure you take minerals as well as a bone if you consume a lot of tea, okay?
Because tea will destroy bone and minerals. And lastly, you may want to buy tea that is like a loose leaf that is not in a bag. Or if you’re getting those little bags, make sure the bags are bleach-free tea bags.

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