How to remove dental plaque at home?

Remove dental plaque.

Hi, I am going to share with you two actually working and most effective home remedies that are going to help you with plaques and will boost your oral hygiene. First, let’s understand what are plaques and why they form in our teeth. Plagues are sticky films of decades of bacteria that are formed on our teeth.

After we eat or drink these bacteria release acid and this acid can damage the enamel of our teeth and can cause problems with our gums known as Ginger Vitas. Now, why this happened? It happens if a person is consuming more sweets, sugary stuff, or drinking sugar-based drinks.
This is the main course. Now, what can be done? My first recommendation is about oil pulling. Very famous has helped many people. Very simple to be done. Just take one tablespoon of oil, put it in your mouth, and sivering it like we use mouthwash.
Just put it in your mouth and sivering here and there. This has to be done with oil. When to do an empty stomach in the morning before brushing your teeth, do this. How long? Maximum ten minutes. Don’t overdo it as you are comfortable. If you start feeling some tension or some pain in your jaw, then stop.

If it’s five minutes, then also it’s okay because your muscles are not in habit of oil-pulling. So slowly your muscles will be stronger, your face will be in better shape and this will also help in boosting the overheating. So this is how oil pulling is done.
Which oil to use best is coconut oil? Why coconut oil? Because coconut oil, first of all, it’s lighter to do soaring with coconut oil. Second, it has lauric acid in it which is antimicrobial antibacterial. So this helps in killing the bad bacteria in our mouths.


So it’s always preferred. But oil pulling can be done with other oils. Also as sesame seed oil, and sunflower oil. So see as per your comfort. But it’s always recommended to first try coconut oil if it’s not too expensive at your place. The only thing is you don’t have to drink this oil.
Now moving towards the second home remedy that is with cloves. Cloves are very helpful in decreasing the inflammation of our gums. Clothes will give immunity to your oral cavity and will fight the bacteria, the bad bacteria in your mouth, and will give you that morning freshness also.
How to use clove? Just take one pinch of clove powder and add two pinches of fenugreek seed powder. Mix it all together and take your wet brush, tap it in the powder and just brush your teeth. It’s so simple. If you are not in habit of using spices then be ready for the taste of the clove.
Because clothes have that spicy taste in them. You will be amazed at how much freshness it gives to our mouth. We actually don’t need chemicals to brush our teeth even the fenugreek seed powder will make that form also in your mouth that is formed by using the Cameo.
Maybe it will take one or two days for your body to accept this because it’s a new experience. But believe me, try it out and your oral hygiene is going to be much better. The only thing is these all things will work if you will eat right if you are going to cut down on your sugar intake. Otherwise, nothing is going to help you. I hope you’ll also understand this.

By Amarjeet

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