How to prevent a respiratory infection?

How to prevent a respiratory infection?How to prevent a respiratory infection?

If you are interested in a very inexpensive way to lower your risk of getting respiratory infections. Now, there’s a lot of research behind what I’m going to show you, but of course, check with your doctor before implementing what I’m going to show you. All right?
So this is what it involves. You’re going to be using povidone-iodine, okay? And you’re going to get 10%. You’ll see, in the lab, it’ll say 10%, which is really only 1% available iodine. And then you can dilute it with water. And I’m only going to recommend taking half of an ounce, okay?
And then take another half ounce of water, and dilute it. So then you’ll end up with a 0.5% available iodine. And out of all the natural remedies, this appears to have the broadest spectrum effect of anything that I know of. It’s antiseptic. Antiviral, antibacterial.How to prevent a respiratory infection?
It has the potential to oxidize the nucleic acids of viruses, the amino acids of a virus, and the membrane of viruses and bacteria, and it can prevent the virus from invading or sticking to your tissues. But you’d want to use this to prevent upper and lower respiratory infections.
And there’s a lot of research on this, and it can significantly increase your resistance to chronic respiratory infections. So what you’re going to do is now that you have like an ounce of this liquid, which is 0.5% iodine, because you diluted it with water. And so you’re first going to get a cotton swab, okay?

You’ll dip it into the liquid, and you would want to go inside your nostril on one side and then the other side. And then for the rest of the material, you’re going to not swallow it, but put into your mouth, swish it around, and gargle for about 30 full seconds.

One study that I read showed that you can decrease bacteria by 99.4. And in another study, I showed that it can significantly lower your viral loads. So after you’re done swishing around in your mouth and gargling this fluid, then you’re going to spit it out.
And you’re going to do this twice a day, once in the morning, once in the evening, with about 12 hours’ time between when you do this. All right?

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