How to get rid of respiratory mucus with SALT

So if you have any type of mucus, okay, there’s a really simple and expensive solution. Whether it’s pneumonia, bronchitis, sinus congestion, COPD, asthma, or even if you have tonsillitis or sore throat, you can apply this. And it’s using salt.

There’s been a long history that goes way back to the even a lot earlier of using certain types of salt therapy, especially for your immune system. Doctors back then were recommending going to the sea, breathing in that sea air.

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Other people recommended sea bathing, and even they’ve noticed people working in the salt mines rarely got sick.

When everyone else is getting sick, they seem to be pretty healthy. So what’s so special about this salt with pathogens? Well, salt is very antimicrobial.

It has antiviral properties. Antibacterial, antifungal, anti-yeast, antimold. So whatever is growing in your sinuses or your lungs, you can take advantage of salt. And it’s really good to break up thick mucus. There are many different


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ways you can apply this, depending on how much you want to spend. I mean, the cheapest thing is to go to the coastal region where there’s sea air and just be in that environment, just breathe that salt air.

Another thing you can do is just take a teaspoon of sea salt, dissolve it in a glass of warm water and drink that. That helps as well. You can go to a salt house, which is a little more expensive. You can get a neti pot, which they normally use, as a saline solution.

You can get a nebulizer, and you can gargle with salt water. Right. Very effective for mucus in your throat. Now, something a little more expensive is using this halo therapy or halo generator.

Now, the term halo comes from the Greek word which means salt. Okay? So what’s interesting about this halo generator, is that I’ve done a video just introducing people to it, it uses dry salt. It crushes just basically sodium chloride. It’s not even sea salt because apparently when you use sea salt with this machine, it can give


impurities and kind of get stuck in your lungs. So you just want to use pure, like 99. 99% pure sodium chloride. It crushes it up into very small particles, and then it has a way of shooting it through the air, through your room.

So as you’re sleeping at night, you’re breathing in these very tiny salt particles which have super absorbing properties. It can go right into your skin.

It’s a very anti-inflammatory antimicrobial, and you will wake up feeling like you can breathe a lot better because it’s going to thin the mucus and help reduce all that mucus that irritates the pathways in your respiratory system respiratory system.
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Now realize that most of these respiratory infections are viral-related, so you cannot use an antibiotic. It’s not going to work. So anything viral, you just want to give it a course of time, three to seven days or even up to ten days, and nurture your immune system.

Use things without side effects. I know a lot of people with small children and at the first sign of a fever, they’re concerned. They want to get rid of that fever. But getting rid of the fever increases the duration of the infection.

So you want to let the immune system take over and just nurture it, help it. That fever is good. It’s cooking these viruses so they can’t survive. And the three common things I always recommend are vitamin D, vitamin C, and zinc.

But it is normal for a child to get sick. It’s part of the immune training process. It’s not a bad thing. You don’t want to keep your kids in a sterile environment. You want to let them be exposed to the environment so their immune system can become very, very strong.

I know growing up, I had a sore throat several times a year, pretty much every year of my life. Growing up now, I rarely get sick because my immune system is strong.

But anyway, if you want a simple solution to mucus in your sinuses or your lungs, salt is the best thing to do for that.

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