How to clean plaque from arteries?

Clean arteries plaque.

Hi, I’m going to share with your the name of just one single herb that can help you with arteries, blood pressure, and with your heart which is the best herb for our heart? If I have to choose only one then I will choose our Juna we use it a lot in Ayurveda.
It is found all over the world right now it can be found in the tablet swarm in the capsule swamp in the powder swarm, of course, I love powders, and people who come to me for consultations say to them to use powder form. Why? Because powders are more effective.

Yes, they are not good in taste but very effective. How does it work? Actually our junior works on the root cause of the problem. See the root cause of the problem is the hardening of the arteries the arteries are losing elasticity that’s why they are rigid.
And when the blood is flowing through it the pressure that blood is applying on the wall of the arteries it is increasing because they are not elastic that’s why a person is having high blood pressure. Another thing is clogging up the arteries because of cholesterol and high levels of triglycerides in the body.

The liver is not functioning well. The liver is getting damaged. These are the causes. Plus insulin. Or you can say high levels of blood sugar are causing all the damage. That’s why a person is having cardiovascular problems.
I don’t know, you know or not, but cardiovascular problems are the number one reason for death in the world every day. Lots of people die because of cardiovascular problems. But the cardiovascular problem is not a disease. It’s a problem. Why?
It’s called a problem because of the combination of many of the factors as I told you, hardening of the arteries as I told you, blood pressure as I told you, high levels of cholesterol that can cause plaques in your arteries so you have to work on the root cause and this herb,
Arjuna fixes all these problems arjuna is good for your arteries arjuna is good for your liver, it’s good for your pancreas, and is good for your stomach, and intestines also. So it’s complex. That’s why if you ask me to choose only one, I’m going to use Arjuna.
Arjuna if have to be taken in powder form take 3 grams and one teaspoon two times a day empty stomach. But if you’re not comfortable empty stomach you feel not good after using it then go for 30 minutes after food how to take it?
Just take one teaspoon, mix it with honey and you can take either. You can just mix it in a glass of warm water and can drink it. Tablets. Two tablets, two times a day. An empty stomach can be taken. Capsules are also available.
But I will never recommend you to use capsules because they are not as effective as powder and as tablets. But yes, again powders are more effective. Even the bark of the Arjuna you can find in some of the Ayurvedic stores near you. How to use those bark?
Just take them, put them in a hot water, and make the tea off it. And you can drink it as tea either. You can just put it in hot water for the night and in the morning or the whole day. Like in one liter of water you put the bark this size and keep it for a night and then the next day drink this one liter of water.

This is also how people use it. So there are many different ways. The simplest and the most effective one that I have seen in my practice is powder after powder. I will say about tablets, teas are also effective. But if you ask me to rank then powder, tablets, and tea, this is how I will rank.
Let me clear you, I don’t sell Arjuna. You can find Arjuna very easily in the Arabic stores near you on the internet. Arjuna is very popular nowadays. You can find it anywhere in the world. Just google it, just search it and you will find some of the shops selling near to you or shipping to your address or it’s just in the shop that’s near to you so easily available.
I’m not selling it and it’s not an advertisement. I’m just giving you the information about Arjuna, that’s a fabulous plant. I think we all should know and we should understand how it works so that we don’t have super expectations.
People think that drinking just URGENT, odd eating the powder of arginine is going to reduce blood pressure. No, you have to change your lifestyle, you have to cut down the bad fat and the calories. Total overall calories and other things will help you.
I hope you got some good and effective knowledge out of this. Share this knowledge with your family and friends. Most important, smile more. Make it a great day. Up to the time. Stay happy, stay healthy.

By Amarjeet

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