How much onion to increase testosterone?

5 health benefits of onion for male.

Let’s talk about how you can boost testosterone just by consuming more onions. And of course, testosterone is a problem with men as they get older. By the time you reach 40 every year, your testosterone decreases by 1%. And testosterone does many things beyond just increasing libido. It’s in control of male characteristics like hair on your body.

It’s also involved in muscles. There are quite a few people that are also going the testosterone route and getting testosterone Pellets and taking testosterone injections, things like that, which I’m not crazy about those therapies simply because anytime you start taking a hormone, you inactivate the gland that makes that hormone. So my question is, why would you need to increase the hormone in the first place?

What’s causing a decrease in that hormone? Generally speaking, a much better approach would be more glandular therapy, supporting the gland with certain nutrition or even whole desiccated glandular. Because that way you’re supporting the thing that communicates, not necessarily the communication between the gland and the receptor.

Because the endocrine system is a communication network very similar to neurotransmitters that work through the nervous system. So hormones are created, sent through the blood, and get received to create different effects. And so when you tend to bypass Mother Nature, it always comes with a problem or a side effect. But, I want to talk just about something that won’t have any side effects onions. Now, what does an onion do for testosterone?

Well, there’s something in the onion that triggers another hormone called Luteinizing hormone from the pituitary. And Luteinizing hormone in males travels down to the testicles to increase testosterone. So Luteinizing hormone is kind of like the controller or regulator of the production of testosterone. And onion based on about 29 different studies was about 75% effective. Onions also give you a lot of additional things.

It has properties to help with insulin resistance. It gives powerful antioxidant effects. Anticancer, can increase nitric oxide, which can help your vascular system. But they have isolated one compound in onion called corsets. And out of all 28 vegetables that were studied, onions had the highest amount of this compound.

And so they’ve tested this compound and they found that it does increase the Luteinizing hormone. It also helps the body, decreasing the risk of getting cataract allergies. It’s good for cancer. It’s a potent anti-inflammatory. It can help decrease blood pressure, and it’s also a diuretic. So the best way to get these compound corsets out of the onion is to consume it as raw as possible.

Now, of course, you’re still going to get some if you saute the onion or even cook it, as long as you don’t overcook it. So here are some really practical ideas on how to get more onions in your diet. I always like to cut a slice of onion on my hamburger, in my eggs. Sometimes I do grilled onions in different dishes.

I use onions in guacamole and salsa. Sometimes I put it in my salad. I put it in my soups. So there are many different ways to do this, and it’s a really simple, no-brainer way to indirectly increase your testosterone through increasing the corsets. But there are many other ways to increase or boost testosterone.

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