How get baby-soft skin?

How get baby-soft skin?

3 Homemade moisturizer for glowing skin.

I am going to share with you how to make a good moisturizer at home that can help you in all winters. It’s gonna be a moisturizer that’s going to be natural without chemicals and it’s going to give nourishment to your skin. Very easy to make, yet very effective.

Want you all to try it and then let me know in the comments down below how it was. Because I’m pretty much sure that it’s going to be a very good moisturizer for your skin. If you are having too dry skin, this means you have to treat your body from the inside.
Don’t just focus on applying the moisturizer because it’s not going to help. Many times too dry skin is because of a lack of vitamin A. So you should concentrate on it. Or it can be because your liver is not functioning well. So detoxify your liver, fix your liver, fix vitamin A.How get baby-soft skin?

And plus yes, moisturizers are going to help you. Don’t just rely on any kind of moisturizer. I hope you understand this. I hope my message is clear over here. Now let’s move towards moisturizer. For this, we need four teaspoons of aloe vera gel. It should be good and with the least chemicals. Why aloe vera gel?

Because it is one of the best things to moisturize our skin and will nourish our skin. That’s why we are using the aloe vera gel over here. In this, we’ll be adding one teaspoon of glycerine. You can use ordinary glycerine or vegetable glycerine that’s available in the market. So see as for your comfort and add one teaspoon of glycerin to this.

And in this mixture now we are going to add oil. You can use almond oil, you can use Jojoba oil, or olive oil. As you are comfortable, use any oil, but not coconut oil. Why? Because coconut oil will freeze in the winter or if it’s not too hot.How get baby-soft skin?

So we don’t want this to happen with our moisturizer. That’s why don’t use coconut oil. But all other oils are good to go. Whatever suits your body best, use that one. And in this mixture, add two capsules of vitamin E. Why vitamin E? Because it is very an essential vitamin, especially to hydrate our skin.
You can get it easily from the food that you are eating. Only if you are eating right, you are not eating lots of junk then yes, this will help. But what to do outside, you can just add two capsules of vitamin E. And this mixture you have to mix well. Mix it well for at least two minutes.

And as you’ll mix it, you will see that the color of the mixture will change. It was kind of transparent. Now it’s not transparent at all, even not translucent. I will say it’s all whiteish. So this is our moisturizer. Keep it in a clear airtight container and you can keep it in the fridge. Also apply it every day.How get baby-soft skin?
As for your comfort and you will not need to buy any of the chemical moisturizers from the market. This moisturizer you have to use a little bit, not a lot because little quantity will be sufficient. Just do a good massage of the body when you will apply this and enjoy your chemical-free life.

I hope this moisturizer will be helpful for you. Smile more. Because if you smile more your digestion is going to work very and you will make good choices while eating the food. You will not eat chunks. That’s why a smile is very important. Smile more. Stay happy, stay healthy.

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