digestive system bad effects.

what can affect your digestive system?

The more fiber you eat, the worse it is because you’re getting this abnormal fermentation. And then the more probiotics you have, the worse things get. And this is all because you don’t have that acid in your stomach to kill off the microbes.
The acid in the stomach also triggers the release of bile. The bile also helps to act as a detergent to kill off microbes in the small intestine. That’s why the only part of the small intestine that can help you reabsorb these bile salts, it’s the very last part before it goes into the large intestine.
It gets absorbed and it gets recycled. So you recycle like 95% of your bile salts because you need them as a deterrent to killing off microbes in the small intestine as well as extract nutrients from your food, which you’re not going to do if you don’t have enough bile because you don’t have enough acid because you don’t have enough B one.
So now all this undigested material ends up in the large intestine. Boy, there are a lot of issues that occur there because your large intestine is not necessarily meant for complete digestion of proteins and these other things. 90% of all your digestion occurs in the small intestine.

The large intestine is more for the fermentation of fiber or recycling of these electrolytes. So you can imagine that now the large intestine is stuck with this big job of trying to digest things and you just have all sorts of digestive problems.
You might have gas diarrhea, and constipation, and then you might get inflammation that then leads to a leaky gut. And then you have immune problems and allergies and food allergies and potentially autoimmune problems. But other than that, you’ll be perfectly fine except for anything going on.
Negative in your digestive system instantly translates to problems up in your head, okay? Because there’s something called the gut-brain axis. And if you’re not digesting, if you have these problems in the gut, you’re going to also have cognitive problems and mood issues and not feel good mentally.
Take natural bone immediately. You can get it from nutritional yeast. You can find a supplement that has a natural vitamin B one, but that would be the first thing to do and that just might solve all of these problems, okay? Now, chances are you might be very depleted with this hydrochloric acid.
So you’re probably going to have to replenish that because of how long this has gone on. So the way to do that is to start to take betaine hydrochloride, okay? And you can get that in the supplement. And you take don’t just take one.
Take at least five. And then you want to increase it up to maybe even ten, right, for a meal. Because you might need a lot to create this effect, and you might have to take it for a period of time to build up the acid in your stomach. There are some other things you might want to take.
If you have gastritis or an ulcer, like the zinc carnival sign. If you have SIBO, small intestinal, or bacterial overgrowth, you might want to add garlic to the mix. And if you have inflammation in the lower part of your gut, you may need to do a carnivore for a while, because fiber from vegetables won’t work. I only talked about one purpose of vitamin B, to increase the tone of the vagus nerve.

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