10 ways to look younger.

glowing wrinkle-free skin naturally at home.

Hi, I’m going to share with you two face masks with honey. One night serum with honey and one scrub that we can make with honey. Honey is fabulous. We can use it on our skin and we can use it on our face so stay tuned to know how we can use honey in these four ways.
Why do I say to use honey on the face? Because honey is antibacterial 1st second, it heals our skin well if we have uneven skin in that also honey can help you. If a person has scarves in that also honey can help you even it works as an exfoliator for your skin so lots of benefits to using honey. For the first remedy, we need two tablespoons of yogurt. In that yogurt, we’ll be adding one tablespoon of honey.

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Yogurt is going to balance the PH of our skin. It is going to give that brightness to our skin. It’s not going to damage. Unless and until you have an allergy to Yogurt or if you have an allergy to Honey because if you have an allergy from Ending, don’t use it. Otherwise, yes, it’s a good option to
be considered.
So mix both of them well and that’s it. Your mask is ready, you can apply it, wait for 15 to 20 minutes and then rinse it off. It’s important to clean your face just with water before applying this mask second DIY that we can do with honey is to take two tablespoons of raw honey take one four teaspoon of wild turmeric.

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It’s also available just people don’t know a lot about wild turmeric. It is the best turmeric to be applied to the skin. Actually, wild turmeric is the turmeric that should be applied on the skin. So take one four teaspoons of that. Add this to the honey and add one capsule of vitamin E.

If your skin is too dry, you can add two capsules also. Otherwise, in general, one capsule will be enough. But if you are having oily skin, then don’t apply this vitamin E capsule. Mix all these together and your mask is ready to be applied. Same process. Clean your face, then apply this mask. Leave for 15-20 minutes and then rinse it off. This was our honey turmeric face mask.

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Now the third one is with oil. If you have too dry skin then this mask will be best for you. How to make this? Use any oil that suits your skin it can be coconut oil, it can be sweet almond oil, it can be jojoba oil any oil of your choice. I personally prefer the use of sweet almond oil because it is one of the best oil for our skin.
So sweet almond oil. Even I have seen its results with people with eczema and severe eczema. So my pick is sweet almond oil. Whatever suits your skin. Use that one four tablespoons in that, add one tablespoon of honey and you can again add vitamin E capsule. If your skin is too dry. If it’s okay it’s not so severely dry, then we are adding the oil so it will be sufficient.

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Mix it all together. And this mixture, we have to apply just two to three drops. It’s like a night serum. So apply this night serum at night before sleep and you can leave it for 30 minutes. Or you can leave it overnight and then you can rinse it in the morning. So see as your comfort table.
But before use, shake the bottle well and then use it every use. You have to do this now. How long we can keep this? See this last serum that I have talked about, you can keep about 10 to 15 days because we have used it on honey and oil. But another one that was with yogurt, you should make it, apply it and that’s it.
Don’t store it. The first one was with honey and turmeric that you can keep again for seven to ten days and you can use it. But if you see that the smell is spoiled or you see that the color is totally changed, don’t risk it being so simple. Just add two things, mix and apply. That’s all. You can do it every time.

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You can make it every time. If the quantity is more for you, just reduce the quantity. That’s it. So easy. It’s just logical. So always try to use as fresh as you can. Now the fourth one, the last one, is the scrub with honey. How we’ll do it, we’ll take two tablespoons of sugar, we’ll add one to one and a half tablespoons of honey and we’ll mix it a bit so that the sugar is half dissolved.
We don’t want it to be totally dissolved because we want that scrubbing effect. And then you can apply it on your face, weave for a few minutes and then just do a scrubbing off your face and rinse it off. It’s very good. If you have blackheads or whiteheads, it helps in this also. So you can apply this. So, first, clean your face.
Second, apply a honey mask. Third, to the scrubbing after scrubbing. Fourth, apply this night serum that I have told you about. That’s it. You are good to go. Your skin is going to shine. Your skin got its nourishment. But don’t forget that we are giving nourishment only from the outside. What about inside?

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Because maximum nourishment your skin is going to get from inside. And for that you have to eat, right? You have to eat on time and you have to have a good amount of sleep. Because sleep is what heals our skin, what heals our body. And last but not least, it is to smile more. Because stress damages our skin.

It gives wrinkles, it affects our skin badly and we do not want that. That’s why I always say smile more. I hope my message is clear. Be happy, be healthy.

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